Imperfectly Perfect

Imperfectly Perfect


When I started my blog, my intention was to always offer help or tips in one way or another; whether it be fashion related, places to visit or my own thoughts and personal tips I have gathered throughout my nearly 21 years of life. I never wanted to just post a few outfit pictures and that would be it.

I want to showcase how I wear my clothes and my personal style while also offering just a bit more than that.

When it comes to the outfits I share on my blog, I like to be 100% genuine. By this, I mean I show you what I am actually wearing on that day. I don’t get dressed up to specifically shoot pictures for my blog. I have days where I throw on a nice outfit and I’m like, yep I wanna photograph this today! Thats how I always plan to work (which doesn’t always go hand in hand with the Glasgow weather), I want to showcase my sense of style in a way that is actually… wearable? Theres nothing wrong with doing things differently, thats just how I choose to work.

Its been a while since I’ve posted over here. Between travelling Thailand for two and a half weeks, starting back uni, planning my birthday amongst a whole host of other things…it’s been pretty hectic.

When I shot these this outfit back in August, asking my boyfriend (and camera man) to retake the images over and over – I wanted them to be perfect. Just like I always do. He reminded me, “Ann they don’t need to be perfect!”.

Now as I’m finally getting the chance to sit here and write my first blog post in over a month, I’m reminding myself of the importance of this. Not just with my images but in life too. This month I’ve pretty much been running myself into the ground, desperate not to miss out on anything and carrying out the biggest juggling act of my life to date while also feeling incredibly guilty about my lack of blogging. Just like my images from this shoot, I’ve realised so many other things no longer need to be absolutely perfect, everything kind of works out in the end – whether its balloons or dresses (if you know me, you’ll know why). We’re in a time of loving and embracing imperfections, so thats what I plan to do. Prepare to see some images with a blurry hand or the creases on my dress from the seatbelt or even a hair out of place from now on, because thats whats real (well as real as you can be prancing around the streets getting a photo taken of your outfit) and if I said I want to be 100% genuine on here, thats how it shall be.

It’s hard to remember this when you stare at the Instagram feeds of other bloggers and see perfectly curated images, picturesque back drops and vogue-worthy poses. But please do.

So whether you’re a blogger trying to get the perfect outfit shot or just someone trying to do one million things at once while perfecting each and every single one of them, whether you’ve sat a test that hasn’t gone to plan or you can’t find the “perfect’ outfit to wear to the party, or tryna create the “perfect’ instagram life, whether you’re tryna be the perfect friend, girlfriend, boyfriend as well as the best you; just remember, it doesn’t have to be COMPLETELY perfect all the time.


More posts coming soon, especially for my favourite season! Oh and prepare for lots of birthday spam next week, can you tell I’m excited?

Lots of love for now,

A|W x


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