21 Things I Learned By 21

21 Things I Learned By 21

It’s now over a month since I turned 21 and what a great month it was. Whilst I’m still hanging on to the memories (and the balloons that are still going strong), I have been doing a lot of reflecting the past month.

Theres something about the age of 21, it just feels a little different. For me personally and I’ve noticed it amongst some of my friends too, we’re all sort of wising up a little bit to that big ol’ thing called life, well beginning to anyway.  By no means are things all figured out by 21 but we’re all getting there; slowly but surely, I have definitely started to see things more clearly in my wise old twenties (a year and a bit of them…).

But before I go major stereotypical “adult” and start talking about how the years have flown by and how terrible the weather has been, I’ll just jump straight into sharing my 21 pearls of wisdom.

1. My parents are the worlds greatest.

Most parents really are and when you finally begin to realise how truly great your parents are after probably many years of trying to stay as far away from them as possible (I kid), then you really start to cherish every moment with them. It’s cool now to hang around with your parents, family photos are important and memories are priceless. They dedicate their whole lives to our happiness and now for that, I feel truly grateful.

2. My friends are pretty damn amazing too.

I’ve never cherished friends more than I do now. True friends can be felt from a mile away even if they are not always seen. Old friends are great, keeping old friends is even better. New friends are just as wonderful too, sometimes filling the gaps in our lives we didn’t even know were there. Just creating a circle of people you love, adore, and can always count on is the best. It definitely becomes crystal clear who your circle consists of the older you get.

3. Everyone has their own path. 

Just because your friends are buying houses, talking about marriage and considering babies ~ does not mean you also have to. Take life at your own pace, do what you love and you will find your own way.

4. Not everyone has the same heart as you.

But thats ok. 

5. Memories are worth more than any object money can buy.


6. Free yourself from past mistakes.

To keep moving forward you have to let go of feelings of guilt and regret that you keep returning to. Apologise if you have to, be brave enough to have a conversation you don’t want to hear, delete, block, do whatever the hell you have to do to heal yourself. Don’t paper over it or try to push it to the back of your mind, try to face the root of the problem head on.

~ this is something that has really helped me recently.

7. Make an effort for others.

Be someone who makes an effort for others, go that extra mile, make someone else feel special. Put someone else before your own problems. Clap for their achievements, celebrate their successes and enjoy their special days. We’re all guilty of putting our own needs and wants before others at times but its definitely something to consider.

8. Singing your heart out to your favourite songs in the car is highly therapeutic.

Gurl, get Beyonce on and tell him to move waaaaay over to the left…its empowering trust me.

9. Life will go on.

The world will keep turning, you will get over him, mistakes will be forgotten, things will get better. Remember that.

10. Literally no one has their shit together.

I sometimes like to fool myself with folders, rainbow post-it notes and a colour coded diary…but I do not have it together, not one bit.

11. Its ok to absolutely love your life.

Make no apologies for absolutely loving your life. You only get one shot so you may as well love every moment.

12. Remember those who remember you.


13. The uplifting powers of a fresh bunch of flowers and a festive coffee are second to none.


14. Life is way too short to be friends with people you don’t actually like.

This ain’t high school anymore, you don’t actually have to pretend to be friends with people you don’t even like and you definitely do not have the time for it anymore. Give up the act, you’ll feel much better for it.

15. Be kind anyway.


16. Make no apologies for who you are and the life you were given.

Own who you are and what you love.

17. Balance is everything. 

Eat chocolate when your heart wants it but have some veggies when your body needs them. Dance all night on a Saturday and head to Yoga on a Sunday. Drink prosecco but don’t forget to refresh with a glass of water later. Strive for balance.

18. In my book, a new outfit can help you conquer the world.

But thats just me, it might be a new lipstick, new pair of shoes, a new book, friend or outlook. Feeling good about yourself absolutely increases productivity.

19. Quality.

Start to choose quality over quantity. In your work, your knitwear and your circle.

20. I know its hard sometimes but forget what everyone else thinks about you.

Just do your own thing. Do what makes you happy.

21. DO everything.

Grab hold of every opportunity thrown at you.




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