A One Of A Kind Gift Guide

A One Of A Kind Gift Guide

There are so many different aspects of Christmas that bring joy to us all, whether its the family time, parties, drinking or the christmas dinner, I’m sure most of us can agree it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Amongst the joy, laughter, all of the singing and dancing, the ‘too much’ wine consumed and undoing of our belts because we’ve all eaten waaaaaay too many pigs in blankets, It’s important to remember those who don’t have the luxuries we enjoy so much at this time of year.

As bloggers, we love a good gift guide and I think as people, we generally love gifting and giving. Watching the reactions of our loved ones as they open the gifts, that we spent time choosing and perfecting with gratitude and a little nod to say thank you for all they do all year round, is one of those magical moments of christmas.

But when my friend told me about something a little different, I thought it was time I dedicated a Christmas gift guide to more than just things you can buy at the shops!

My friend Katie sent me a text about how she had just donated to buy homeless person a christmas dinner as well as a gift for homeless children and families to open on christmas morning. Of course I quickly did the same and shared it on my Instagram page to let others know how easy this was to do for such a small amount. After sharing I started getting messages from others saying that they had donated too after seeing my post, not only was the generosity of those around me amazing but the power of social media was once again proving just how powerful it can be ~ and for such a great cause!

This made me realise that the more I can share, the more I can help. I decided to do a little digging and create a blog post telling you all about this worthy cause and how you can easily donate this christmas!

It’s being run by SocialBite the social business which operates to solve social challenges rather than to make a profit. There are 5 cafes located around Scotland where you can not only pop in for some lunch but you can also purchase a suspended coffee or lunch for a homeless person to enjoy at a later date! Over the last few years donations have enabled Social Bite to provide so many hot meals that not one homeless person has had to be turned away and this year is looking no different with 65109 vouchers for christmas dinners and toys already donated!

The Christmas Dinner campaign is being hosted on Itison for maximum exposure and ease of purchase, with 100% of the donations going directly to Social Bite.

The Options 

£5 To purchase a christmas dinner for a homeless person at one of the five Social Bite cafes around Scotland. 

additional funds made will go towards feeding the homeless right into 2018.

£5 To give children, families and vulnerable people a gift to open on christmas morning. 

additional funds will go towards helping support services helping to fast track families into secure accommodation.


And whats even better is that you still have time to donate right from the comfort of your own home. You can go straight to the donation page at Itison here. Just follow the steps on Itison and it really is as simple as that!

To find out more about Social Bite, you can take a look at their website here. 

So why not instead of that Secret Santa present your coworker will never use or the last minute stocking filler you are frantically searching for, you take a look at this gifting idea instead!

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide with a difference, please do let me know if you donate or about anything else you are doing this Christmas to help others!

Lots of Love


Have a wonderful Christmas,

A|W x

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