How To Beat The January Blues

How To Beat The January Blues


So, we’re all a few days in to that big life refresh. I’m sure initially it also appealed to many of you that this year we were starting fresh on a Monday. HOWEVER, when that Monday actually came around, I spent the day slugging in bed with a major hangover (I enjoyed NYE very much – worth it!), very tired and with the beginnings of the flu that I had been so desperately trying to avoid the whole of the festive season.

My first few days of my kick ass, girl boss, life changing week have therefore consisted of, for the most part, just me, my bed and all 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders. Hardly gone to plan eh?

If like me, you’re feeling a little sluggish, have already messed up on your resolutions or are generally just missing the guilt free period, also known as the festive season, then here are my top tips for kicking the January blues to the kerb!


Start Small

Introduce small changes gradually. Trying to change your whole life in one day is hard work, sticking to it the day after is even harder. So start small and work your way up throughout the month and year.

Want to have a beach body by summer? Great! But if you’re not used to going to the gym, it can be a little daunting during this time of year with every person and their granny descending upon the gym in a bid to get their summer bod and rid themselves of the guilt from eating all the cheese and mince pies over Christmas!. Why not try implementing some home workouts first and keeping them consistent? There are loads of apps (free ones too) to use, that way you can determine if a gym membership if worth spending your hard earned pennies on or if it’s just another one of those things thats gonna fill you with guilt every time you see it on your bank statement and realise you haven’t been in 2 months, oops!

Just do whats best for you, I know I’ll be getting back to the gym when my illness subsides!


You Literally Don’t Even Have To Do Anything

Just because everyone else is on a health kick, cleansing their mind body and soul and adopting a vegan diet (or whatever else people do in January), doesn’t mean you have to!

You’re already pretty amazing as it is, why go changing a good thing? Set goals and resolutions because you want to, not because it’s the ‘thing’ to do. You don’t need to do everything, or anything at all. Plus there is always more than one way to achieve a goal. Want to be healthier this year? Eat more veg, go on walks, take time for yourself. Healthier doesn’t automatically mean you have to go sell your soul to the treadmill.


Get Your Finances In Order

December is an expensive month for us all,  no matter how much or how little you have. Our finances can often leave us feeling a little deflated in the months after Christmas, theres no doubt about it.

So it’s time to get back to saving but a month of being completely skint and staring at a pretty bleak looking bank account can feel like a month of no fun at all. So create your own fun! Take walks, January can be a beautiful month! Have cosy nights at home watching a series, light your new candles you got for Christmas! Pamper yourself with the new products you may have received. January doesn’t need to be boring because you’re broke!


January Glow Up

Have a January Glow Up! Feel good about yourself first and you’ll be set to get to work on those other goals and resolutions you’ve set yourself!

Focus on your skincare routine, give your lips the TLC they need to survive the bitter cold January weather, start drinking more water ~ infuse it with fruit if thats your thing!, get the sleep you need but don’t oversleep because you can, take care of your hair ~ use heat protecting spray and masks & oils if you like. Exfoliate, refresh your skin!


Here are some of the products Im currently using for my January Glow Up ~ 

(where products cannot be found, similar have been linked)


Organisation Is Key

I think I talk about organisation a lot over here but I really do feel it is important for my own state of mind and clarity. When I’m organised, I feel in control of my life and ready to take on anything.

Ok so I’m not saying you have to go full blown colour coded operations like myself, I know I’m a little crazy, but just having a small diary or updating your phone calendar can do wonders for the control you feel over your own life. Knowing where you have to be and what you have to do makes life 100 times easier than panicking last minute when you’ve  accidentally forgotten!

I’ll be sharing a resolutions/goals post very soon, so if thats you’re thing stick around.If you don’t already follow me on Instagram and twitter, thats where I announce when all new posts have gone live!

Lots of Love,

A|W x


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