What 2018 Holds

What 2018 Holds


I decided not to post a January goal setting post this year, instead I chose to take some time to digest the new year, recover a little from the festive period and just get back on track before setting myself some major goals to tackle. Don’t get me wrong, this is not normal for me; as a self confessed control freak and organisation enthusiast, I usually enjoy pushing myself to the brink. But this year I’m starting off more at peace with life as a whole. I’ll always have big d

reams and goals, they ain’t going anywhere – but it’s nice to take a little break, remove the pressure and re-align your life sometimes.

So now we’re well into February after (thankfully) making it through January with plenty of coffee and plenty of snoozing the alarm clock on the coldest, darkest mornings. I’ve had a good chance to really think about the year ahead now so I thought I’d share with you a little life update post on what you can be expecting from me in 2018.


Fitness Bug

Yep, thats right, I’ve caught it – the most obvious one everyone likes to kick off with. But after giving myself a while to get back into the swing of things, I’m making good progress with my fitness and I’m really enjoying it. You wont find me in the gym for hours absolutely hating on life, I’m all about fun fitness. My absolute current favourite is my Zumba class on a Wednesday. I swear nothing is more invigorating that a group of woman sweating it out, shaking their boot-aaays, fist pumping to Little Mix (p.s. if you’re a Zumba newbie, it does absolutely get easier!)

I’m mixing up my fitness with a combination of weight training, spin classes, Zumba, Yoga, a little personal training…and some other classes here and there for good measure! Right now I’m still trying to get into a routine and work out a good schedule. It really is a work-in-progress.

My Own Diet

I’m not following any diet programme, I’m not restricting myself and I’m not defining myself as veggie, vegan, dairy-free etc. I know right now theres a big pressure to conform to a certain diet and it can sometimes leave you feeling a little guilty. My opinion? Eat whatever the hell you want. The heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes I want pancakes with chocolate (like today) and sometimes I just want whipped cream on my coffee, willing to face the consequences at a later date. What I will say is I’m eating a lot better but I’ll always be a treat lover and you’ll probably find me with tea in one hand and a biccy (biscuit) in the other. Sometimes I eat a full vegan meal, sometimes I eat fully veggie and for the most part, I’m dairy free (for health reasons ~ I’m sure I’ve discussed before, but I know so many other people have similar issues).

I don’t believe in shaming people for what they eat in any form (well, unless its my dad because he eats way too much crap and I’m a concerned daughter). And I certainly don’t think you have to define yourself or your diet.

Big Changes

I am well aware this title is very vague but thats because I’m being a little bit secretive right now. Truthfully, I don’t really know whats happening, all I know is that big changes are on the way regardless. I’m graduating from Uni this year, so obviously with that, my life is gonna change a hell of a lot. But thats all I can really say right now and I’m sure I shall be updating when the time is right. What I will say is…I’m scared, but I’m preparing myself for whatever happens.

Upping My Blogging Game

I may not post to a strict schedule or even as much as I should but I’m making a real effort to produce quality content that I can be proud of. I’ve been working with an aspiring photographer recently which I’ve been loving and something I’m keen to continue doing to up my game and I’d love to continue working with some more photographers. I’m keen to showcase a lot more fashion, something I was really struggling to showcase before without someone to photograph.

This year I’m not even focusing on stats (sorry, no stats goals), I’m putting all my emphasis on good content, stats will just be an extra and we’ll go from there!

Self Growth 

I’m really putting a focus on myself this year, in the sense of improving things. I’m trying to read at least one book per month, just for fun mostly; I spend so much time already trawling through the most soul destroying scientific papers that I couldn’t possibly deal with reading anything particularly heavy right now. Since the start of the year, I’ve noted quite a few things I need to work on. I’ve honestly just realised it is so much more important to stay in your own lane, let others just do what makes them happy and be happy for them doing it. It’s a whole lot easier to do this when you are at peace with yourself and your own life.

I’m doing more things that scare the living daylights out of me. I’m pushing myself to meet new people and try new things. Personal training would previously have been a big fat NO for me and I can’t lie – I was vvvv nervous beforehand, but now I’ve started I’m asking myself what I was worried about?! Being in control of those fearful emotions plays a huge part and I think it’s whats helping me to overcome and manage my fears. I can’t pinpoint exactly what I’m doing but I know I’m doing it (lol does that even make sense?) But if I ever figure out how I’m managing my fearful and anxiety driven emotions, I’ll let ya know.

I’m gaining confidence with my “I dont give a F*ck* attitude (although I am also trying to limit unnecessary F bombs, it ain’t cute). I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to this but just to mention it quickly – I no longer care about what people think of my blog, the strange looks I get when shooting in city centre during a very busy lunch hour or when tryna get the perfect food shot. I honestly do not care one bit and thats basically it.


Savings & Work

Lastly I just wanted to update on my work situation. I have a new part-time job which I am absolutely loving, so much so that I cant even believe I actually get paid for it. It involves working with children (which if you know me, you’ll know how ideal this is) and its just really great so far, always leaving me with a smile on my face!

Again, I’m just making a bigger effort to save this year but I’ll always love shopping and I actually do not wanna feel guilty about it anymore. I’m really thinking about all my purchases (I have been doing so for a while) and if something isn’t working in my wardrobe the way I thought it would, I move it on, usually via depop. But with some extra cash from work, I’m hoping that will feed my shopping addiction and the rest can sort holidays and all the rest!


Hope you have enjoyed this not so conventional post on the year ahead. Would love to hear about the year you are planning!

A|W x


Photography by @bella_ivanovaa


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