Styling Dresses For Winter

Styling Dresses For Winter

You definitely don’t have to wait until summer to wear dresses during the day in my book. As a lover of all things feminine, I love wearing dresses; and as a lover of swirling and spinning & prancing around, I am definitely not one for giving up on my love affair during the colder months.


I love how effortless dresses are, it’s whole outfit in one. You look like you’ve put a whole lot of effort in when really you’ve not even given it a second thought. It’s happened to me so many times, people will say to me “oh I wish I had time to dress like that” or “I wish I could be bothered”. My reply? Something along the lines of… are you joking? I literally threw this over my head in 2 seconds without even thinking and didn’t even have to waste time putting an outfit together or hunting for “those jeans that go best with that top”.


To me, dresses are effortless, a key component of classic style and a vital part of my wardrobe. Not everyone as big a fan as I am which is understandable, but if I had to pick something to epitomise my style as a whole, it would most likely be a dress.







So, I thought I’d share my top tips for styling dresses during the colder months for those of you who share in my passion and the belief that one can simply never be overdressed.



I believe in overdressing. You never know where the day will take you.


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                                 *Boots & Bag ~ Both Zara




Photography by @bella_ivanovaa


Midi Dresses & Ankle Boots

Midi dresses are a personal favourite of mine all year round for daily wear. I love how midi dresses give such a classic and sophisticated look, allowing you to look well put together but are still super stylish. A floaty skirt with a pinched in waist on a midi dress creates a great silhouette.

In winter, I swap my summer heeled sandals for heeled boots worn with midi dresses. Recently I’ve been obsessing over sock boots, but I especially love how they look with a dress. By clinging to your leg they create a sleek look, keep in line with the femininity of the dress, adding a little sass but without looking clumpy or overbearing.

OTK Boots

Love a mini dress? Over the knee boots are your answer! Keeping your legs tucked away from the bitter winds with just the right amount of thigh on show = the perfect outfit. And again, this is the most effortless combination. I’m still in love with pairing my grey All Saints dress with my OTK boots, it’s a style thats carried me right through from Autumn and will continue to Spring (and probably summer in Glasgow, lets be real).

OTK boots allow you to continue wearing your cutest dresses all year round without freezing your little legs off, and the best part? Your legs don’t even have to be perfectly shaven since their tucked away inside your boots? emmm WIN.

I invested in my over the knee boots (linked below) due to my genuine NEED to wear dresses all year round, I love how they look with literally every single outfit I throw on and investing in quality really does pay off. But if you’re not ready to invest – there are so many great options out there for all budgets! I’ve even linked some below, you can click on the image to go directly to the shopping site. You’re welcome!

Jumper Dresses

A cosy jumper…but as a dress? A fashion peak in my opinion, does it really get much better than this?? A jumper dress is a way to look snuggly and stay warm while also still channelling your love of dress wearing! My favourite way to style is a jumper dress with my OTK boots and a big coat.

They’re are so many types of jumper dress, from super chunky to much lighter fabrics. I’ve definitely bought my fair share and I’m always on the the hunt for a good ol’ jumper dress, so please lemme know if you have seen any good ones lately! In the meantime, I’ve linked some below for you to have a browse.

Tights vs. No Tights

Finally, the big debate. I sit kind of in the middle on this controversial topic. On one hand, I do absolutely think tights are the secret thief of all style, if worn badly that is. I do however, still love a little pinafore, roll neck and chunky black tights. I think it looks super cute.

It can be a tricky thing to master if tights have become best friend, they can definitely make or break an outfit. The trick is to think of them as a last resort. You definitely don’t NEED them just because it’s Winter. It’s not illegal (well here anyway) to have a little bit of thigh or ankle on show in the winter months, use the tips I’ve mentioned to keep a sophisticated look.

But if your outfit it looking super cute with some chunky black tights, or super sassy with a sheer pair and a leather skirt ~ then go for it! It’s your style, do what you think looks best on you!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this light-hearted fun fashion post, leave me a comment with any other fashion blog post ideas you’d like to see!


Lots of Love,

A|W x

Gift Guide 2017 Part 2

Gift Guide 2017 Part 2

Here I am back again with more gifting suggestions,even if a little late (I’m sorry,uni has just been manic)! If you haven’t checked out part 1 of my gift guide this year then you can find it here for all things christmassy, stocking fillers and secret santa help!

My second gift guide for this year does include some slightly pricier options. I know the higher end price point of this gift guide won’t be for everyone but I wanted to share with you some things I personally love and lust after…you may even want to treat yourself to this Christmas if you’ve been extra good!

There is however, a complete range of prices in this gift guide, so do stick around!

Hope you enjoy, A|W x

See something you like? You can shop most items straight from the linked scroller bar! 


From The Images 

For The Fashion Fiend


  1.  Pink Beret ~ Topshop
  2.  Jumper Dress ~ Topshop
  3.  Personalised Pyjamas ~ HA Designs Go Here
  4.  Set of three hardcover books: Chanel ~ Assouline via Net A Porter
  5.  Initial Mitzah ~ Dior 
  6.  Camel Coat ~ Zara
  7.  Leather belt with pearl Double G ~ Gucci
  8.  Red Handbag ~ Zara
  9.  Leather Boots ~ Zara
  10.  Fiji rose gold vermeil and woven bracelet  ~ Monica Vinader
  11.  Black Cashmere Roll Neck ~ M&S

The Luxury Lover 


  1. Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles
  2. Cashmere Bed Socks ~ The White Company 
  3. Candle ~ Jo Malone
  4. Cashmere Bobble Hat ~ John Lewis 
  5. Baume De Rose Lip Care ~ ByTerry
  6. SleepSilk 100% Silk Sleeo Mask ~ Net-a-Porter (a must have for the long distance traveller) 
  7. Elemis Christmas Cracker (Include balm cleanser)
  8. Candle ~ Christian and Filippa
  9. Chic Happens Travel Mug ~ John Lewis 
  10. Cellularose CC Lumi-Serum ~ ByTerry
  11. Pink Cosy Fleece Lounge Top ~ Next
  12. Eyeshadow Quad ~ Tom Ford
  13. SuperMud Clearing Treatment ~ GlamGlow
  14. Jewellery Box ~ Katie Loxton 

Hey Big Spender!


1. HP Sprocket Photo Printer 
2. Michael Kors x FUJIFILM INSTAX® Camera
3. Over The Knee Tieland Boots ~ Stuart Weitzman
4. Faux Fur Gilet ~ Reiss
5. Small Bayswater Burgundy ~ Mulberry
6. Candle ~ Diptyque 
7. Marmont Textured Wallet ~ Gucci 
8. Black Scarf ~ Vivienne Westwood
9.  Coffee Machine ~ Sage by Heston Blumenthal Nespresso Creatista Plus Machine
10. Olympus Pen Epl-8 White 
11. Limited Edition Perfume ~ Armani Prive (PIVOINE SUZHOU SOIE DE NACRE)
12. Brush Set ~ Zoeva 
13. Silk Pyjamas ~ The White Company

Gift Guide 2017 Part 1

Gift Guide 2017 Part 1


For me, gifting is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. Theres nothing better than finding the perfect gift for a loved one, y’know one of those moments where you give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back because, guuuurl you done good!

Because of my love of gifting; a Gift Guide is possibly one of my favourite, if not my absolute favourite blog post to create! Sharing all of my favourite products and best ideas with you all combined with (many) hours scrolling through nearly every single online shop out there, does actually bring me a lot of joy (in a sad sort of way).

So this year I present to you, my gift guide, split in two… (sorry I just had to). You lucky lot will be getting two carefully curated gift guides for Her to suit every budget, the first being all things secret santa/stocking fillers/christmassy feels.

I hope you can find something here for someone special!

~ You can also shop straight from my links on the product scroller just to make life even easier

Mug ~ Debenhams / Body Butter ~ The Body Shop / Initial Cosmetic Bag ~ Matalan / 2018 Diary ~ TKmaxx / Snowflake Decoration ~ The White Company / Inital Coaster ~ Next / Christmas Jumper ~ Next /

One thing I love to do when gifting at Christmas is make up gift/boxes or hampers to suit the persons tastes individually. This works well for a variety of different budgets; for example if they are a hot festive drink lover (like me), purchase them the ingredients to make up their favourite festive hot drink at home along with a festive mug!

Or for the festive fanatic in your life, create a christmas themed boxed tailor-made to your budget! Add a christmas scented candle, christmas sweet treats, a decoration and any other cosy christmassy finds! Or just make up a box of their favourite things! Simple!

Stocking Fillers/ Secret Santa Gifts

Initial Marble & Copper Coaster ~ Oliver Bonas £10

G&T Bath Salts ~ Oliver Bonas £6 (perfect for the G&T lover in your life)

Vanilla Chai Body Butter ~ The Body Shop Sml £6 Lrg £15 (all of the christmas scents are devine!)

Christmas Themed Socks ~ Topshop £3.50

Frosted Berries Shower Gel ~ The Body Shop £5

Molton Brown Stocking Fillers Christmas Gift Collection~ £39

Pink Velvet Cosmetic Bag ~ Oliver Bonas £20

Mug ~ Oliver Bonas

All Nighter Setting Spray ~ Urban Decay £10

Passport Holder ~

Nail Polish ~ Nails Inc £10.99

Winter Candle ~ The White Company £20 (currently 20% off at £16)

Card Holder ~ Katie Loxton £17.50

Mi Goals A6 Progress Journal ~ Oliver Bonas £13

Clinique Lipstick (my favourite shade is 01 Blushing Pop) ~ £16.50

Molton Brown Vintage With Elderflower Body Wash Festive Bauble ~£12

Ted Baker Twist Ballpoint Pen ~ £32.89

For the Christmas Lover


Jo Malone Orange Bitters Cologne ~ £94

NotOnTheHighStreet Personalised Christmas Bauble ~ £20

John Lewis Snowman 3D Mug ~ £4

Topshop Christmas 3D Wreath Jumper ~ £55

The Bubble world’s smallest bottle of sparkling wine 125ml ~ £12.99

The White Company Fir Tree Candle ~ £25

Peel The Sprout Party Game ~ £10 

Bluebird Tea Company Christmas Cake Tea ~ £6

Sleigh All Day Santa Sack ~ New Look £8.99

NotOnTheHighStreet Christmas Eve Crate ~ £36

Moet Cracker ~ £22

NEXT Moose Night Shirt (softest thing EVER) ~ £18


21 Things I Learned By 21

21 Things I Learned By 21

It’s now over a month since I turned 21 and what a great month it was. Whilst I’m still hanging on to the memories (and the balloons that are still going strong), I have been doing a lot of reflecting the past month.

Theres something about the age of 21, it just feels a little different. For me personally and I’ve noticed it amongst some of my friends too, we’re all sort of wising up a little bit to that big ol’ thing called life, well beginning to anyway.  By no means are things all figured out by 21 but we’re all getting there; slowly but surely, I have definitely started to see things more clearly in my wise old twenties (a year and a bit of them…).

But before I go major stereotypical “adult” and start talking about how the years have flown by and how terrible the weather has been, I’ll just jump straight into sharing my 21 pearls of wisdom.

1. My parents are the worlds greatest.

Most parents really are and when you finally begin to realise how truly great your parents are after probably many years of trying to stay as far away from them as possible (I kid), then you really start to cherish every moment with them. It’s cool now to hang around with your parents, family photos are important and memories are priceless. They dedicate their whole lives to our happiness and now for that, I feel truly grateful.

2. My friends are pretty damn amazing too.

I’ve never cherished friends more than I do now. True friends can be felt from a mile away even if they are not always seen. Old friends are great, keeping old friends is even better. New friends are just as wonderful too, sometimes filling the gaps in our lives we didn’t even know were there. Just creating a circle of people you love, adore, and can always count on is the best. It definitely becomes crystal clear who your circle consists of the older you get.

3. Everyone has their own path. 

Just because your friends are buying houses, talking about marriage and considering babies ~ does not mean you also have to. Take life at your own pace, do what you love and you will find your own way.

4. Not everyone has the same heart as you.

But thats ok. 

5. Memories are worth more than any object money can buy.


6. Free yourself from past mistakes.

To keep moving forward you have to let go of feelings of guilt and regret that you keep returning to. Apologise if you have to, be brave enough to have a conversation you don’t want to hear, delete, block, do whatever the hell you have to do to heal yourself. Don’t paper over it or try to push it to the back of your mind, try to face the root of the problem head on.

~ this is something that has really helped me recently.

7. Make an effort for others.

Be someone who makes an effort for others, go that extra mile, make someone else feel special. Put someone else before your own problems. Clap for their achievements, celebrate their successes and enjoy their special days. We’re all guilty of putting our own needs and wants before others at times but its definitely something to consider.

8. Singing your heart out to your favourite songs in the car is highly therapeutic.

Gurl, get Beyonce on and tell him to move waaaaay over to the left…its empowering trust me.

9. Life will go on.

The world will keep turning, you will get over him, mistakes will be forgotten, things will get better. Remember that.

10. Literally no one has their shit together.

I sometimes like to fool myself with folders, rainbow post-it notes and a colour coded diary…but I do not have it together, not one bit.

11. Its ok to absolutely love your life.

Make no apologies for absolutely loving your life. You only get one shot so you may as well love every moment.

12. Remember those who remember you.


13. The uplifting powers of a fresh bunch of flowers and a festive coffee are second to none.


14. Life is way too short to be friends with people you don’t actually like.

This ain’t high school anymore, you don’t actually have to pretend to be friends with people you don’t even like and you definitely do not have the time for it anymore. Give up the act, you’ll feel much better for it.

15. Be kind anyway.


16. Make no apologies for who you are and the life you were given.

Own who you are and what you love.

17. Balance is everything. 

Eat chocolate when your heart wants it but have some veggies when your body needs them. Dance all night on a Saturday and head to Yoga on a Sunday. Drink prosecco but don’t forget to refresh with a glass of water later. Strive for balance.

18. In my book, a new outfit can help you conquer the world.

But thats just me, it might be a new lipstick, new pair of shoes, a new book, friend or outlook. Feeling good about yourself absolutely increases productivity.

19. Quality.

Start to choose quality over quantity. In your work, your knitwear and your circle.

20. I know its hard sometimes but forget what everyone else thinks about you.

Just do your own thing. Do what makes you happy.

21. DO everything.

Grab hold of every opportunity thrown at you.




TOP ~ PRIMARK (last year)


Items or similar items have been linked below. 



Imperfectly Perfect

Imperfectly Perfect


When I started my blog, my intention was to always offer help or tips in one way or another; whether it be fashion related, places to visit or my own thoughts and personal tips I have gathered throughout my nearly 21 years of life. I never wanted to just post a few outfit pictures and that would be it.

I want to showcase how I wear my clothes and my personal style while also offering just a bit more than that.

When it comes to the outfits I share on my blog, I like to be 100% genuine. By this, I mean I show you what I am actually wearing on that day. I don’t get dressed up to specifically shoot pictures for my blog. I have days where I throw on a nice outfit and I’m like, yep I wanna photograph this today! Thats how I always plan to work (which doesn’t always go hand in hand with the Glasgow weather), I want to showcase my sense of style in a way that is actually… wearable? Theres nothing wrong with doing things differently, thats just how I choose to work.

Its been a while since I’ve posted over here. Between travelling Thailand for two and a half weeks, starting back uni, planning my birthday amongst a whole host of other things…it’s been pretty hectic.

When I shot these this outfit back in August, asking my boyfriend (and camera man) to retake the images over and over – I wanted them to be perfect. Just like I always do. He reminded me, “Ann they don’t need to be perfect!”.

Now as I’m finally getting the chance to sit here and write my first blog post in over a month, I’m reminding myself of the importance of this. Not just with my images but in life too. This month I’ve pretty much been running myself into the ground, desperate not to miss out on anything and carrying out the biggest juggling act of my life to date while also feeling incredibly guilty about my lack of blogging. Just like my images from this shoot, I’ve realised so many other things no longer need to be absolutely perfect, everything kind of works out in the end – whether its balloons or dresses (if you know me, you’ll know why). We’re in a time of loving and embracing imperfections, so thats what I plan to do. Prepare to see some images with a blurry hand or the creases on my dress from the seatbelt or even a hair out of place from now on, because thats whats real (well as real as you can be prancing around the streets getting a photo taken of your outfit) and if I said I want to be 100% genuine on here, thats how it shall be.

It’s hard to remember this when you stare at the Instagram feeds of other bloggers and see perfectly curated images, picturesque back drops and vogue-worthy poses. But please do.

So whether you’re a blogger trying to get the perfect outfit shot or just someone trying to do one million things at once while perfecting each and every single one of them, whether you’ve sat a test that hasn’t gone to plan or you can’t find the “perfect’ outfit to wear to the party, or tryna create the “perfect’ instagram life, whether you’re tryna be the perfect friend, girlfriend, boyfriend as well as the best you; just remember, it doesn’t have to be COMPLETELY perfect all the time.


More posts coming soon, especially for my favourite season! Oh and prepare for lots of birthday spam next week, can you tell I’m excited?

Lots of love for now,

A|W x