Summer Styling With St Enoch Glasgow

Summer Styling With St Enoch Glasgow

You may have already caught a glimpse over on my Instagram, but I was lucky enough to be invited along to the St Enoch Centre blogger garden party, which was of-course a pretty big deal for me! Amongst the picturesque garden setting (complete with floral swing ~ Obviously!) and the most delicious  and dainty summer delicacies supplied by Kimble’s; we were lucky enough to browse both the fashion and beauty essentials available to purchase in the centre this summer!

  For anyone like me who is still eagerly counting down the days until it’s time to jet off to… emmm just as sunny climates? (Thank you Glasgow sunshine!) The St Enoch Centre is your one stop holiday shop with everything you need under one roof. Prepare to be primed to perfection, effortlessly glowing and a first-class fashionista; and thats before the holiday! I’ll be heading back into the St Enoch Centre this week to pick up some of my essential summer picks for both pool parties and Ibiza sunsets as well as these hot scottish days. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories to see what I pick up!

To give you an insight into the new releases and current summer trends, I’m giving a sneak peak of my favourite items from the glorious garden party. My make-up may have melted off with the heat (think garden party but more in a greenhouse kind of vibes) but the gorgeous Benebabes from benefit were on hand to touch up one very sweaty blogger (sorry TMI). 



This cool colour palette is perfect to combat a super hot day; light and floaty fabrics help keep you cool while giving an effortless chic summer look. They are definitely my go to in the summer months. At the event I was obsessed with this rainbow Topshop dress (basically in love with) and in true impatient Ann style, the next day I headed straight to try it on. Now I just need a suitable holiday to wear it on…any takers??

This warmer toned colour palette was screaming all of the sexy señorita vibes and is definitely on trend this summer!

Some lovely ladies from a number of different brands were on hand to showcase the newest releases and let us try them out for ourselves. I think I will always be a number 1 Body Shop fan and you can bet I’ll be heading straight there with my voucher. The masks are a great way to prep your skin for summer, removing any impurities and giving a deep exfoliation; they are 100% a favourite of mine!

I’ve linked the St Enoch Centre website here if you fancy a browse at what the centre has to offer, even if you have been before (I seriously did not realise the wide variety of shops before)!

**A massive thank you to the St Enoch Centre for inviting me along to the most wonderful event and for the most incredible goodie bag! Especially all of the lovely staff members there on the night (who were evidently melting) and were on hand to offer continuous supplies of water (&& prosecco) when required and offer their services as stand-in photographers! You are all stars.

Lots of Love, A|W xoxo

A Wee Life Update

A Wee Life Update

Hello again, it’s been a while since I’ve published a lil ol’ blog post. Big changes are ahead and I thought i’d take the time just to explain why I’ve been absent and what is coming to Style_byaw in the future. I’ll try to keep this short but I am way too excitable right now, I cannot believe this is my life.

The Disappearing Act

The main reason behind my disappearing act was uni. As my final year exams rolled around I dedicated my whole life to studying, 8/9am-2/3am shifts became the everyday norm and there was not an ounce of fun to be had; in all honesty it was pretty damn grim. The thing is, I had a hell of a lot to lose. I had received a conditional offer to study Dentistry at the end of March (my absolute dream come true), my conditional being that I had to achieve at least a 2:1 from my current degree. After receiving my offer, we viewed the most perfect flat in my potential new city and within a week we decided to go ahead and reserve the property. With my dream career and the most beautiful flat both within reach, under no circumstances was I prepared to miss out.

But my god, I was tested to my absolute limits during study leave and my exams. Without going into too much detail (well maybe only the things I can laugh about now) it was one bad thing after another and I honestly felt at times that some higher power really did not want me to have this. It did make me realise that you really don’t know what is going on in peoples lives. A lot of things that happened during that time I had to kind of push to the back of my mind in order to keep my focus; which I think has a lot to do with why I’m so emotional now its all over. Catching up with my friends afterwards made me realise this more as some of them had also experienced a pretty rubbish time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Now for some of my series of unfortunate events that I can now laugh about.

As I woke up the morning of my 4th exam, I couldn’t move my neck. No word of a lie, I could not move it. It was 6am and my exam was at 9:30am, my mum and dad tried everything to help me but the pain was not shifting and I was screaming and crying with the excruciating pain. I decided to try to head into uni to sit the exam, my mum literally had to dress me and my dad dropped me at the door. But I had to be taken out of the exam as I couldn’t write or focus with the pain, having to go straight to the doctors due to the fact I was essentially missing an exam. Basically, I studied so much I gave myself a physical injury. So, don’t study too much kids, it can be dangerous.

My neck eased up within a few days and I had just under 2 weeks until my next exam. My parents encouraged me to take a trip down to London for a few days with a friend the following week as a break following what I like to call, my “broken” (in the sense of not working properly) neck. After a lovely few days away ofc what happened, none other than missing our flight home. There had been an issue with the online check-in system which meant that I wasn’t checked in even though my friend 100% checked me in alongside herself. Anyway, they told us we were 3mins late for the airport check-in and I couldn’t get on the flight. Damn Easyjet (FYI. bloomin shocking service as per usual, we weren’t met by nice wee Leo they show on the telly anyway ~ apologies if you don’t get the Airline reference). So with an exam looming, another £120 down for a new flight and accommodation for the night and frantic texts to my boss; things weren’t exactly on the up.

Finally home from London I made it to the second part of my shift and finally things were back on track. I could get back to studying for my exam on the Tuesday. Oh no no no, you thought it would be that easy did you? Not a chance. Up and with my head down the pan at 2 hour intervals during the night, it became clear I had managed to get a very bad case of food poisoning. Wonderful. A fever and constant spewing meant absolutely not studying could be done. In every attempt to heal me in time for my exam, my mumwas patting me down with a cold cloth and I had onions stuffed in my socks (who knows if this even works). So yeah my room was hummin of onions for the whole week afterwards. Ideal.

Luckily for me I made a quick recovery and bounced back for my last exam. It funny to look back on this absolutely disastrous week now, all safely tucked away in my memories for life.

On The Up

After an agonising wait, last friday I finally found out that I am graduating from my degree in Physiology at the University of Glasgow with a first class honours. Like honestly what the hell, a first class honours!! ME!!! I found uni incredibly tough in my first couple of years as I’ve said on here before, so graduating with a first is just amazing and I definitely could not have done it without my amazing uni friends. Finally I was able to say I was officially going to dental school, something that I had started to believe might not happen in the past few years. I really cannot believe I’ve gone and done it and can for once say that I am bloomin’ proud of myself.

So today is the day I get the keys to my beautiful new home, I cant wait to start showing how I make it my own and I can promise a whole lot more interior content. I’ve made a separate Instagram specifically for home, you can find it at @stylebyaw_home if you are interested or want a nosey.

I feel so incredibly lucky right now and I am well aware that I am very fortunate to have parents who are able to support me through another degree but honestly, this has become their dream as much as mine. My dads face when he found out I had been offered a place at dental school rivals his reaction the day I passed my test. I even managed to capture my mum when I told her I had gotten a first class honours, the video is priceless and it just makes me so happy. My education is something I’ve had to do alone and although I am very lucky and have had the support of everyone in their own ways, this is something I have achieved single-handedly. I don’t come from a line of university graduates or professionals; I went to a normal but very good school and I have worked every day of my life, giving my all, to get to this point. The best work goes on behind closed doors.

So a new chapter begins. I have no idea whats going to happen but I am the most excited girl on the planet. I promise myself to make the most of every moment. But first, it’s time to enjoy one hell of a summer with friends and family!


Lots of Love Always,

A|W x

What 2018 Holds

What 2018 Holds


I decided not to post a January goal setting post this year, instead I chose to take some time to digest the new year, recover a little from the festive period and just get back on track before setting myself some major goals to tackle. Don’t get me wrong, this is not normal for me; as a self confessed control freak and organisation enthusiast, I usually enjoy pushing myself to the brink. But this year I’m starting off more at peace with life as a whole. I’ll always have big d

reams and goals, they ain’t going anywhere – but it’s nice to take a little break, remove the pressure and re-align your life sometimes.

So now we’re well into February after (thankfully) making it through January with plenty of coffee and plenty of snoozing the alarm clock on the coldest, darkest mornings. I’ve had a good chance to really think about the year ahead now so I thought I’d share with you a little life update post on what you can be expecting from me in 2018.


Fitness Bug

Yep, thats right, I’ve caught it – the most obvious one everyone likes to kick off with. But after giving myself a while to get back into the swing of things, I’m making good progress with my fitness and I’m really enjoying it. You wont find me in the gym for hours absolutely hating on life, I’m all about fun fitness. My absolute current favourite is my Zumba class on a Wednesday. I swear nothing is more invigorating that a group of woman sweating it out, shaking their boot-aaays, fist pumping to Little Mix (p.s. if you’re a Zumba newbie, it does absolutely get easier!)

I’m mixing up my fitness with a combination of weight training, spin classes, Zumba, Yoga, a little personal training…and some other classes here and there for good measure! Right now I’m still trying to get into a routine and work out a good schedule. It really is a work-in-progress.

My Own Diet

I’m not following any diet programme, I’m not restricting myself and I’m not defining myself as veggie, vegan, dairy-free etc. I know right now theres a big pressure to conform to a certain diet and it can sometimes leave you feeling a little guilty. My opinion? Eat whatever the hell you want. The heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes I want pancakes with chocolate (like today) and sometimes I just want whipped cream on my coffee, willing to face the consequences at a later date. What I will say is I’m eating a lot better but I’ll always be a treat lover and you’ll probably find me with tea in one hand and a biccy (biscuit) in the other. Sometimes I eat a full vegan meal, sometimes I eat fully veggie and for the most part, I’m dairy free (for health reasons ~ I’m sure I’ve discussed before, but I know so many other people have similar issues).

I don’t believe in shaming people for what they eat in any form (well, unless its my dad because he eats way too much crap and I’m a concerned daughter). And I certainly don’t think you have to define yourself or your diet.

Big Changes

I am well aware this title is very vague but thats because I’m being a little bit secretive right now. Truthfully, I don’t really know whats happening, all I know is that big changes are on the way regardless. I’m graduating from Uni this year, so obviously with that, my life is gonna change a hell of a lot. But thats all I can really say right now and I’m sure I shall be updating when the time is right. What I will say is…I’m scared, but I’m preparing myself for whatever happens.

Upping My Blogging Game

I may not post to a strict schedule or even as much as I should but I’m making a real effort to produce quality content that I can be proud of. I’ve been working with an aspiring photographer recently which I’ve been loving and something I’m keen to continue doing to up my game and I’d love to continue working with some more photographers. I’m keen to showcase a lot more fashion, something I was really struggling to showcase before without someone to photograph.

This year I’m not even focusing on stats (sorry, no stats goals), I’m putting all my emphasis on good content, stats will just be an extra and we’ll go from there!

Self Growth 

I’m really putting a focus on myself this year, in the sense of improving things. I’m trying to read at least one book per month, just for fun mostly; I spend so much time already trawling through the most soul destroying scientific papers that I couldn’t possibly deal with reading anything particularly heavy right now. Since the start of the year, I’ve noted quite a few things I need to work on. I’ve honestly just realised it is so much more important to stay in your own lane, let others just do what makes them happy and be happy for them doing it. It’s a whole lot easier to do this when you are at peace with yourself and your own life.

I’m doing more things that scare the living daylights out of me. I’m pushing myself to meet new people and try new things. Personal training would previously have been a big fat NO for me and I can’t lie – I was vvvv nervous beforehand, but now I’ve started I’m asking myself what I was worried about?! Being in control of those fearful emotions plays a huge part and I think it’s whats helping me to overcome and manage my fears. I can’t pinpoint exactly what I’m doing but I know I’m doing it (lol does that even make sense?) But if I ever figure out how I’m managing my fearful and anxiety driven emotions, I’ll let ya know.

I’m gaining confidence with my “I dont give a F*ck* attitude (although I am also trying to limit unnecessary F bombs, it ain’t cute). I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to this but just to mention it quickly – I no longer care about what people think of my blog, the strange looks I get when shooting in city centre during a very busy lunch hour or when tryna get the perfect food shot. I honestly do not care one bit and thats basically it.


Savings & Work

Lastly I just wanted to update on my work situation. I have a new part-time job which I am absolutely loving, so much so that I cant even believe I actually get paid for it. It involves working with children (which if you know me, you’ll know how ideal this is) and its just really great so far, always leaving me with a smile on my face!

Again, I’m just making a bigger effort to save this year but I’ll always love shopping and I actually do not wanna feel guilty about it anymore. I’m really thinking about all my purchases (I have been doing so for a while) and if something isn’t working in my wardrobe the way I thought it would, I move it on, usually via depop. But with some extra cash from work, I’m hoping that will feed my shopping addiction and the rest can sort holidays and all the rest!


Hope you have enjoyed this not so conventional post on the year ahead. Would love to hear about the year you are planning!

A|W x


Photography by @bella_ivanovaa

How To Beat The January Blues

How To Beat The January Blues


So, we’re all a few days in to that big life refresh. I’m sure initially it also appealed to many of you that this year we were starting fresh on a Monday. HOWEVER, when that Monday actually came around, I spent the day slugging in bed with a major hangover (I enjoyed NYE very much – worth it!), very tired and with the beginnings of the flu that I had been so desperately trying to avoid the whole of the festive season.

My first few days of my kick ass, girl boss, life changing week have therefore consisted of, for the most part, just me, my bed and all 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders. Hardly gone to plan eh?

If like me, you’re feeling a little sluggish, have already messed up on your resolutions or are generally just missing the guilt free period, also known as the festive season, then here are my top tips for kicking the January blues to the kerb!


Start Small

Introduce small changes gradually. Trying to change your whole life in one day is hard work, sticking to it the day after is even harder. So start small and work your way up throughout the month and year.

Want to have a beach body by summer? Great! But if you’re not used to going to the gym, it can be a little daunting during this time of year with every person and their granny descending upon the gym in a bid to get their summer bod and rid themselves of the guilt from eating all the cheese and mince pies over Christmas!. Why not try implementing some home workouts first and keeping them consistent? There are loads of apps (free ones too) to use, that way you can determine if a gym membership if worth spending your hard earned pennies on or if it’s just another one of those things thats gonna fill you with guilt every time you see it on your bank statement and realise you haven’t been in 2 months, oops!

Just do whats best for you, I know I’ll be getting back to the gym when my illness subsides!


You Literally Don’t Even Have To Do Anything

Just because everyone else is on a health kick, cleansing their mind body and soul and adopting a vegan diet (or whatever else people do in January), doesn’t mean you have to!

You’re already pretty amazing as it is, why go changing a good thing? Set goals and resolutions because you want to, not because it’s the ‘thing’ to do. You don’t need to do everything, or anything at all. Plus there is always more than one way to achieve a goal. Want to be healthier this year? Eat more veg, go on walks, take time for yourself. Healthier doesn’t automatically mean you have to go sell your soul to the treadmill.


Get Your Finances In Order

December is an expensive month for us all,  no matter how much or how little you have. Our finances can often leave us feeling a little deflated in the months after Christmas, theres no doubt about it.

So it’s time to get back to saving but a month of being completely skint and staring at a pretty bleak looking bank account can feel like a month of no fun at all. So create your own fun! Take walks, January can be a beautiful month! Have cosy nights at home watching a series, light your new candles you got for Christmas! Pamper yourself with the new products you may have received. January doesn’t need to be boring because you’re broke!


January Glow Up

Have a January Glow Up! Feel good about yourself first and you’ll be set to get to work on those other goals and resolutions you’ve set yourself!

Focus on your skincare routine, give your lips the TLC they need to survive the bitter cold January weather, start drinking more water ~ infuse it with fruit if thats your thing!, get the sleep you need but don’t oversleep because you can, take care of your hair ~ use heat protecting spray and masks & oils if you like. Exfoliate, refresh your skin!


Here are some of the products Im currently using for my January Glow Up ~ 

(where products cannot be found, similar have been linked)


Organisation Is Key

I think I talk about organisation a lot over here but I really do feel it is important for my own state of mind and clarity. When I’m organised, I feel in control of my life and ready to take on anything.

Ok so I’m not saying you have to go full blown colour coded operations like myself, I know I’m a little crazy, but just having a small diary or updating your phone calendar can do wonders for the control you feel over your own life. Knowing where you have to be and what you have to do makes life 100 times easier than panicking last minute when you’ve  accidentally forgotten!

I’ll be sharing a resolutions/goals post very soon, so if thats you’re thing stick around.If you don’t already follow me on Instagram and twitter, thats where I announce when all new posts have gone live!

Lots of Love,

A|W x

A One Of A Kind Gift Guide

A One Of A Kind Gift Guide

There are so many different aspects of Christmas that bring joy to us all, whether its the family time, parties, drinking or the christmas dinner, I’m sure most of us can agree it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Amongst the joy, laughter, all of the singing and dancing, the ‘too much’ wine consumed and undoing of our belts because we’ve all eaten waaaaaay too many pigs in blankets, It’s important to remember those who don’t have the luxuries we enjoy so much at this time of year.

As bloggers, we love a good gift guide and I think as people, we generally love gifting and giving. Watching the reactions of our loved ones as they open the gifts, that we spent time choosing and perfecting with gratitude and a little nod to say thank you for all they do all year round, is one of those magical moments of christmas.

But when my friend told me about something a little different, I thought it was time I dedicated a Christmas gift guide to more than just things you can buy at the shops!

My friend Katie sent me a text about how she had just donated to buy homeless person a christmas dinner as well as a gift for homeless children and families to open on christmas morning. Of course I quickly did the same and shared it on my Instagram page to let others know how easy this was to do for such a small amount. After sharing I started getting messages from others saying that they had donated too after seeing my post, not only was the generosity of those around me amazing but the power of social media was once again proving just how powerful it can be ~ and for such a great cause!

This made me realise that the more I can share, the more I can help. I decided to do a little digging and create a blog post telling you all about this worthy cause and how you can easily donate this christmas!

It’s being run by SocialBite the social business which operates to solve social challenges rather than to make a profit. There are 5 cafes located around Scotland where you can not only pop in for some lunch but you can also purchase a suspended coffee or lunch for a homeless person to enjoy at a later date! Over the last few years donations have enabled Social Bite to provide so many hot meals that not one homeless person has had to be turned away and this year is looking no different with 65109 vouchers for christmas dinners and toys already donated!

The Christmas Dinner campaign is being hosted on Itison for maximum exposure and ease of purchase, with 100% of the donations going directly to Social Bite.

The Options 

£5 To purchase a christmas dinner for a homeless person at one of the five Social Bite cafes around Scotland. 

additional funds made will go towards feeding the homeless right into 2018.

£5 To give children, families and vulnerable people a gift to open on christmas morning. 

additional funds will go towards helping support services helping to fast track families into secure accommodation.


And whats even better is that you still have time to donate right from the comfort of your own home. You can go straight to the donation page at Itison here. Just follow the steps on Itison and it really is as simple as that!

To find out more about Social Bite, you can take a look at their website here. 

So why not instead of that Secret Santa present your coworker will never use or the last minute stocking filler you are frantically searching for, you take a look at this gifting idea instead!

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide with a difference, please do let me know if you donate or about anything else you are doing this Christmas to help others!

Lots of Love


Have a wonderful Christmas,

A|W x